On the Far Side of the Sky

In the past few weeks, some of my family members and friends lost their parents. We all know everyone’s earthly journey ultimately ends. However, we are never quite fully prepared when someone so influential in our lives finally takes their last breath. Whether we expect their passing or not, grief is inevitable. For most of us, our parents are the most influential people in our lives. In some cases, like mine, they live hundreds of miles away. Thus, we may only see them on special occasions like holidays.

There will never be another man or woman quite like them and their memory will live on forever. Let the memories of your loved one provide you with comfort as they live forever in your memory.

Julie, Jason, John, and Betty, I dedicate today’s post to your parents. May they rest in peace.  

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5 Responses to On the Far Side of the Sky

  1. Brenda says:

    Very touching, Brad. You are quite correct, and quite kind.

  2. Charlotte Noonan says:

    It is always hard fro lose our special people. We just have to be grateful for our time with those loved ones.

  3. Janet Love says:

    This post and beautiful music really touched me this morning. My sister, brother, and I are in the process of selling our family farm in Olathe that my parents purchased 69 years ago this week. I have thought about our parents so many times recently with much love and wished that we could talk about some issue related to the farm. I have so many happy memories of my parents and the sacrifices they made to give us the life, education, opportunities, and memories that we have. What a blessing that have been to our LOVE family. They lived by example “faith, hope, and love, but the greatest of these is LOVE.”

  4. John Morey says:

    Hi Brad. I have many fond memories of my Dad and my brother who have left “to the far side of the sky” within 17 days of each other. Your tribute to those who have lost loved ones was thoughtful and kind. God bless you and keep up your blog for it is a rare and beautiful thing. God bless.

  5. Susan St George says:

    Brad its been awhile since I posted and wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog. Todays was very special since Lenny and I lost a close friend and neighbor unexpectedly this summer. I can hear him singing that same song.

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