Billie_Holiday_How_Am_IGreetings fellow music lover. Welcome to Brad’s Music Room.  You may be wondering: “what is Brad’s Music Room and how is it different than all the other music blogs out there”?  There are a lot of blogs related to current events, specific genres, or targeted audiences like musicians.  Just Google “blogs about music” to see what I mean. I will be taking a different, more topical approach and provide a dash of trivia about each song I select. I love researching different topics related to music and this blog will give me an outlet to share my findings. It is solely for entertainment purposes but I hope you’ll find that you learn a few things along the way.

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  1. Sheila Jones says:

    Looking forward to your sharing

  2. Jim Brooks says:

    I think of myself as being fairly knowledgeable about main-stream pop music. Sorry, not much knowledge of the alt stuff, heavy metal or hip-hop.

    Earlier this year, I read where a guitar player with a U.K. group called Status Quo had died. This unexpected event caused widespread mourning by British rock fans; and it was their outpouring of lofty praise for this guy that caught my attention. I had never heard of him or this band. It seems that I had missed British talent akin to Eric Clapton, The Beatles, Jools Holland or The Rolling Stones.

    It turns out that this group was formed in the early sixties, and has played almost continuously ever since. The band has recorded over 100 hit singles in the U.K., along with 30-some albums and CD’s. Aside from one original song making the U.S. charts as far as I know.

    Here is a link to an acoustic session they recorded a couple of years ago:

    Most of us “baby boomers” will recognize their 1968 U.S. hit at 36:30.

    I wrote this post specifically to post on the website Brad’s Music Room hosted by my college fraternity brother Brad Hickman. But after I listened to a few of the Quo’s older electric concerts on YouTube, I thought you might like to hear this too. Enjoy!

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