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My name is Brad Hickman and I am a music addict. When I was two years old my mother bought me my first record player and gave me a stack of records. Thus began my lifelong love affair with the gift of music. Throughout the years I dabbled at playing piano, trumpet and guitar but never had the discipline to practice enough to be any good. I preferred listening. And listen I did. It didn’t matter if the music was on tapes, records, CDs, orMP3s. It also didn’t matter if I was alone or with someone else; inside the house or in my car; or listening to new music or an old favorite. Music was there. Always has been, always will be. I am not a music critic nor anyone who claims to know more about music than anyone else. I’m just a simple man who wants to share my passion with friends, family and anyone else out there who wants to come along for the ride. I hope you’ll join me.

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  1. Jim Brooks says:

    Hear! Hear! Brad, I understand your passion, it is mine as well :))
    I have no favorite genre: all music could be subject to a listen from me…I even have a moderate appreciation for a few hip-hop selections! Looking forward to alerts from BMR…

    • Brad says:

      Thanks Jim and welcome. I hope to make it worth your time and will be gathering feedback along the way. Your input will be appreciated.

  2. Angela Diaz says:

    I too love music. I’ve always thought God didn’t give me musical talent, but He made me a true music fan. Music is one of life’s sweetest pleasures.

    I’ve never thought of reading God’s Word and listening to music at the same time. Superb idea!

  3. Betty minnick says:

    Dear Brad,

    for the first time I clicked “about me’’ I enjoyed seeing Your picture & reading about your love of music. I remember visiting your Family on a trip to Spfld. Paul wanted you to play your trumpet for me, you Seemed hesitant & left the room. Before I left you appeared down the hall &
    Played a beautiful melody for us. You then ducked out of sight. I was so
    Impressed. Best ever, Betty Hickman Minnick

    • Brad says:

      Cousin Betty,
      Thank you for dredging up some (not so) pleasant memories of my short three year trumpet career. I enjoyed playing the trumpet, I just hated practice. Unfortunately one requires the other.

  4. Melissa/Bob says:

    This is lovely what you do for all of us. You inspire us! We are part of the Brad fan club. Thank you again for your passion to minister to us through music. Hugs from Bob and me until we see you in the Fall.

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