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John & Yoko: Above Us Only Sky

Death hasn’t been kind to John Lennon. Actually, death is never kind, nevermind one as brutal and gruesome as the former-Beatles’ public assassination in 1980. It does seem, however, that in the decades since his murder, his legacy has been … Continue reading

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Y’all Come Back Now, Y’hear

I hope you are enjoying Ken Burns’ documentary on country music. The program continues tonight at 7 PM CT on your PBS station with episode 5. Episodes 6-8 air Monday – Wednesday. Catch up on any episodes you missed at … Continue reading

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Three Chords and the Truth

Songwriter Harlan Howard said about country music, ‘It’s three chords and the truth.’ It does not have the sophistication and elegance of jazz. However, Country music is about something else: human emotions and stories told, basically, that everybody experiences. Premiering … Continue reading

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