Welcome to the Essential 100

Unknown-2On June 1 the congregation of Coker United Methodist Church will embark on a journey through the Bible beginning with Genesis and wrapping up with Revelation 100 days later. Each day participants will read a prescribed scripture passage, 50 from the Old Testament and 50 from the New.

So what does this have to do with music and why am I bringing this up in Brad’s Music Room? I wanted to use my blog to make it fun and easy to read the Scriptures every day. I also wanted to use music to bring the Scriptures to life. In essence, a soundtrack to the stories of the Bible.

Each day I will create a post that will contain the scripture reading for that day along with a selected piece of classical music. Some days that music will reflect an accurate depiction of the scripture. I must apologize in advance for the rest. I plan to take poetic license with some of the others. You may find me taking Moses and the Israelites to a wild west hoedown or soliciting help from a favorite Disney character. I may see if Jesus can fly or send Paul on a mission to a galaxy far far away. Chances are you will have a new association with a familiar piece of classical music. Maybe the next time you hear Fūr Elise you’ll not only think of Schroeder at his toy piano but King David too.

Although I don’t plan to take myself too seriously, reading scripture is another matter. I will do my best to make the stories of the Bible accessible but the rest is up to you. Please join me as we set forth on this voyage together. If you complete this adventure with me I know you will be blessed and perhaps at summer’s end God will look down from heaven, smile and say “well done my good and faithful servants”.