Feeling the Spirit of a Favorite Artist

We all have our favorite artists. One of mine is Amos Lee. Just yesterday I asked Alexa to shuffle songs by Amos Lee. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for a blog post this week until I heard this song.

Spirit is the title song of the sixth studio album by singer-songwriter Amos Lee. It was released August 16, 2016 on the John Varvatos imprint of Republic Records, Lee’s first album on a label other than Blue Note Records. It is also the first album which Lee self-produced. Like all previous albums, Lee penned all thirteen songs.

The album debuted on the Billboard Top Rock Albums chart at No. 3, selling 12,000 copies in its first week.

Today rather than sharing with you my interpretation I would like to here what you think.

4 thoughts on “Feeling the Spirit of a Favorite Artist”

  1. Cool song. My music exposure these days is pretty single source (K-LOVE), so I would not have known about Amos without your blog. I graduated high school in Philadelphia and my wife Shanna worked in Cherry Hill, NJ. It was interesting to see he was from Philly and Cherry Hill. Interesting that Spirit is capitalized in the lyrics.

  2. Music can be very powerful; inspirational; entertaining; thought-provoking; soothing or healing; melodic as a lullaby; exciting, sending chills, thrills & tears; as varied and timely down through the ages and around the world … and so much more! I love music, many, many kinds & styles of music. From a personal perspective, music has played a large role in creating who I have become and likely who I will be. Now I can add Amos Lee and his soulful songs to the music I of my life. Thanks Brad!

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