Coming Soon-Brad and Bert’s Excellent Adventure



This September, Brad’s Music Room will begin a new series called Brad and Bert’s Excellent Adventure.  Just like the old days, my brother, Bert and I will be searching high and low for new treasures to add to our music collections.  We plan to share our finds and their accompanying stories with you. Garage sales, flea markets, pawn shops, basement scavenger finds and bargain bins are all on our list of places to explore as we keep the following rules in mind:

  1. Vinyl LP’s only
  2. Can’t spend more than $2.00 on any given selection
  3. The album can only be used once during the series
  4. Each album must come from a different source
  5. An actual photo of the album cover must be included (to prove it was an excellent find and not bogus!)

Although our adventures will only go back to the 60s we were inspired by these adventures from Bill and Ted. I hope that this will be an interactive series and I will be inviting you to share  your memories as well.

Until September,