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Big Bend–Chisos Mountains

Chisos Mountains

The Chisos Mountains are a mountain range located in the Big Bend that is contained entirely within the boundaries of Big Bend National Park. This is the only mountain range in the United States to be fully contained within the boundary of a national park. It is also the southernmost mountain range in the mainland United States.

The Chisos Mountains support vegetation that includes Douglas fir, Aspen, Arizona cypress, Maple, Ponderosa pine, and Madrone. Mountain lions and bears live in the Chisos Basin as well as dozens of species of birds.

Daytime highs in the summer rarely exceed 90 in the Basin and there is plenty of shade. The day we went to the Chisos Mountains was the only day I wore jeans and I was glad I did.

That night when we got back to our hotel in Alpine we were greeted with a spectacular lightning storm. It was a weird watching all this lightning without any rain or thunder.

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Big Bend–Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive

Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive

The Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive is named for Big Bend National Park’s first superintendent and geologist who served from 1944-1952. He laid out the route to highlight the more spectacular geologic features on the west side of the park. The road heads between Burro Mesa and Chisos Mountains.

Burro Mesa

A plethora of scenic views rewarded us on our return. Burro Mesa is a gently westward-sloping mesa standing high above the surrounding desert floor. At its highest point the mesa reaches an elevation of 4,431 feet above sea level. Its name derives from the many wild burros that once wandered and grazed there.

Tuff Canyon

Tuff Canyon was carved out of soft volcanic tuff (compressed ash). Other rock formations in the area were made from igneous rock.  Clear evidence that volcanoes helped shape Big Bend.

Blue Creek Ranch Overlook

This overlooks provides a view of the headquarters of the Homer Wilson Ranch, one of the largest in the region prior to the
establishment of the park.

Mule Ears Viewpoint

We stopped at Mule Ears  Viewpoint, a beautiful viewpoint along the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive. From the parking area, the Mule Ears Peaks dominate the view. A 2-mile long trail leads to
a delightful desert spring.

Back to Alpine

Despite the threat of thunderstorms we had nothing but clear blue skies today. Returning to our hotel in Alpine a few cumulus clouds appeared and we were rewarded with a spectacular sunset over the mountains. It was a glorious finish to a beautiful day.

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Big Bend– Castolon & Santa Elena Canyon

The trip from Panther Junction to Castolon and Santa Elena Canyon highlights the geologic splendor Big Bend is famous for, and offers many scenic overlooks and exhibits along the way. Whenever we saw “Exhibit Ahead” signs I would have Juan pull over so we could take a picture and learn more about that location.

Our first “Exhibit Ahead” stop was Sotol Vista Overlook. From this viewpoint perched high above the desert floor we had an unparalleled vista of the entire western side of Big Bend National Park, including magnificent Santa Elena Canyon in the distance.

We continued on this scenic drive to the Castolon Historic District. Established as a cavalry camp in the early Twentieth Century, Castolon later served as the headquarters of the La Harmonia Company. We stopped at the visitors center before continuing on to Santa Elena Canyon.

The Rio Grande has sliced a 1,500-foot vertical chasm out of pure limestone to form one of the most magnificent canyons in the park. As you look down Santa Elena Canyon, the left wall of the canyon is in Mexico, while the right wall is in Texas. A fabulous trail follows the river upstream then drops down to the canyon floor. We saw a group putting in their rafts to take a float trip through the canyon.

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